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pictures of perfection

03/30/13 1 Comment

Photograph by Florian Schüppel

Photograph by Florian Schüppel

twisted sifter picked out the 50 “most perfectly timed” photos ever:

“By Internet standards, a perfectly timed photo occurs when two of the following three conditions are met:

1. Perfect Place
2. Perfect Time
3. Perfect Angle

Sometimes the holy trinity of perfectness is achieved and you get an Internet classic like so many of the photographs below.”

you can check out the full list here & my favorites below (click for a closer look):

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in honor of today’s nba season tipoff, here are the best inyoface dunks ever. i took into consideration:

  • dunker’s height plus level of skill & disrespect shown by dunker
  • victim’s height/caliber and level of embarrassment after play
  • reaction (dunker, victim, crowd, teammates, announcers, etc.)
  • moment (playoffs, rivals, etc.)

check out the videos below and make sure to click the titles for a close snapshot of each dunk.

12. lebron james on damon jones

bron shows his bully tendencies on this one, picking on the little guy in his home stadium. the normally talkative damon is left humbled like his girl just slapped him in front of his boys.

11. amare stoudamire on michael olowonkandi

on the strength of marbury’s sourpatch reaction and olowonkandi’s “man, i should’ve been a dentist” face.

10. dwyane wade on kendrick perkins

this is one of those plays that you swear is fake on nba 2k until you see somebody do it in real life.

9. john starks on michael jordan and horace grant

simply know as “the dunk” among knicks fans. starks gives it to his royal airness to seal a playoff win against the hated bulls. (aside: is that johnnie cochran at the :40 sec mark?)


top 12 posterizing dunks of all-time

12/25/11 2 Comments

even though the nba lockout is scheduled to end around neveruary 31st, basketball continues on.  star players participate in leagues/tournaments and also have organized an upcoming world tour (i’d prefer a random knicks v bucks game that actually meant something, but oh well).  some do it for the money, but others, as this great jordan commercial points out, just love the game no matter what.

love the game

10/24/11 1 Comment

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