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horizontal rainbow in paris

04/27/13 3 Comments


taken by betrand kulik. here’s nasa‘s explanation for this natural layer cake of color:

Why is this horizon so colorful? Because, opposite the Sun, it is raining. What is pictured above is actually just a common rainbow. It’s uncommon appearance is caused by the Sun being unusually high in the sky during the rainbow‘s creation. Since every rainbow‘s center must be exactly opposite the Sun, a high Sun reflecting off of a distant rain will produce a low rainbow where only the very top is visible — because the rest of the rainbow is below the horizon. Furthermore, no two observers can see exactly the same rainbow — every person finds themselves exactly between the Sun and rainbow’s center, and every observer sees the colorful circular band precisely 42 degrees from rainbow’s center. 

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here’s an awesome time-lapse view of the earth shot from the international space station.  seeing lightning reduced to the size of blanket static provides some perspective of our own relatively small place in the vast cosmos.  you can find a playlist of the locales covered after the jump. thanks to petapixel.


on top of the world


the 20 smartest people of 2010

12/31/10 2 Comments got together with 24 macarthur genius fellows to rank the people whose innovations will most “define the technological, scientific, and social milieu of the decade.”  their criteria:

• flashes of brilliance that occurred or came to a head in 2010

• intelligence in action

• overall smarts

pictured above is a sample of their picks (from left to right):  “the grandmother of performance art” marina abramović, daily show host jon stewart, education wonder woman michelle rhee, and music superstar kanye west.  check out the full list below (ima be on it next year #newyearsresolution).

The 20 Smartest People of 2010 – The Daily Beast

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