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the black keys “in time”

new song from the black keys.  lead singer dan auerbach croons about relationship issues over a danger mouse-produced track that bounces.  you can find “in time” on the band’s 8th studio album turn bluewhich is in stores/online now.



here’s u2‘s new video for their single “invisible”.  the danger mouse-produced track was originally released in a super bowl promotion that raised over $3 million for (red)‘s fight against aids.  mark romanek directed the b&w clip during a 3-day shoot at a santa monica airport hanger.  via highsnobiety.

video: u2 “invisible”


alabama shakes “hang loose”

just listened to alabama shakes‘s grammy-nominated album boys & girls and i loved it.  brittany howard’s voice pulls you in by dancing over the songs with playful passion.  fellow bandmates zac cockrell, steve johnson & heath fogg follow suit while rocking the bass, drums, and guitar.  here’s their uplifting single “hang loose” (lyrics below).  if you haven’t already, check out the full album for yourself and let me know which song is your favorite:

Don’t worry sweet baby!
Don’t you ever worry ’bout a thing.
Put them worries on the shelf ‘n’ learn to love yourself
Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Hang loose, hang loose
Let the ocean worry ’bout bein’ blue.
Hang loose, hang loose.
Go with the tide and I’ma take care of you.

Come with me sweet darlin’.
I got a seat ya ticket for the plane.
We gonna fly to Waikiki, it’ll just be you ‘n’ me.
And we’ll let the sun melt our cares away.

Hang loose, hang loose.
Let the ocean worry ’bout bein’ blue.
Hang loose, hang loose.
Go with the tide and I’ma take care of you.

Alright, we gon’ be alright.
Alright, you’re gon’ be alright!

Hang loose.
Hang loose!
Hang loose.
Hang loose.


no one seems to have more fun with their videos than matt & kim.  some background on their new video “block after block” via pigeons and planes:

“Block After Block” was shot on location in NYC and not only includes Matt & Kim’s gang of friends, but also loyal Twitter followers who showed up to fulfill Matt’s fun and fresh concept of a flash-mob performance occurring in numerous iconic New York City locations. Crowd surfing on the Brooklyn Bridge, performing in a Chinatown intersection, and taking over the NBC Rockefeller Plaza are just a few of the raucous scenes included in this fun-filled music video.

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video: matt & kim “block after block”


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