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life rewind 2014: photos


check out the gallery for some of my favorite 2014 pics:

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arsenio hall returned to late-night tv last month after an almost 20-year hiatus.  his first run was in many ways groundbreaking, featuring moments like a soon-to-be president clinton playing the sax and in the video above, arsenio taking on members of the gay rights group queer nation.  i just saw the latter for the first time recently.  it was an interesting (and welcome) departure from the usual late-night show vibe.  it also shows how some aspects of the gay rights convo have changed and while others have remained the same.

watch the clip and let me know what you think.  to catch arsenio’s new show, check your local listings (or just click here).

video: arsenio hall responds to gay rights activists

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effect shrewd preferences

12/20/12 4 Comments

check out this poem by my lowercase sister evie shockley.  in it, the poet/professor encourages us to actively hold our politicians & media accountable for their actions.  as you read, see if you can hear a performance within the words created in part by her use of consonance and assonance:

effect shrewd preferences
by Evie Shockley

the screed seen here blesses
        the sweet, the meek, the gentle,
                the serene. let eyes ensembled
peep the news sheets: ere
        december descends, we'll elect
                the next pres, reps, etc. when
we welter, cede the wheel,
        we let greed-questers enter
                (well-dressed jerks!). they send
themselves the green we need,
        help themselves fleece the sheep
                we be. we're the perfect prey!
the press sleeps the sleep we
        deserve, then bleeds berserk
                text between celeb tweets. we'd
best reject the mess, steer
        the fleet between these repellent
                hells. veer! swerve! reverse!
here's the pledge: we'll expect
        better press. elect the decent
                men, the keenest shes. revere
sense. never feed spleen lest
        we weep endless weeks, red-
                eyed, bereft. let excellent pens
represent the experts' ken, help
        peeps remember key elements.
                let's select well. we'll revel yet.



john carlos: why i raised my fist at the olympics

in anticipation of the london olympics, bbc news interviewed american bronze medalist john carlos, who is responsible for one of the iconic moments in olympic history.  carlos (pictured right) and his teammate tommie smith (center) used their moment of triumph at the 1968 games in mexico city to shine a light on the racial and social injustice happening back home.  in the audio above, carlos breaks down the protest and the backlash that he received immediately and many years after he put his black fist in the air.

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today, i am a muslim, too


today at 2pm, over 75 interfaith, nonprofit, governmental and civil liberties groups will take over times square for the “today, i am a muslim, too” rally.  the event, which serves as a response to upcoming congressional hearings, seeks to promote equitable civil rights and religious tolerance while taking a stand against bigotry and ignorance.  visit globalgrind for more details.

update:  photo slideshow from the event.

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