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how to divvy up your paycheck


using info from the bureau of labor statistics, kiplinger developed this guide to help us get the most out of our income.

how does it compare to your monthly spending/saving?  share your budget (actual or ideal) in the comments.


iconic moments in sneaker design


1672982-inline-popchartlab-p-sneakers-highreshere’s “a visual compendium of sneakers” via pop chart lab:

A meticulously illustrated collection of the 134 greatest sneakers in human history, starting with the Chuck Taylor way back in 1917, progressing through the styling low-tops of the 60s and 70s, delving deep into the great sneaker explosion of the 1980s, and carrying through the instant classics of the modern day. Includes everything from ageless Adidas designs, the many, many permutations of Air Jordans, groundbreaking skate shoes like Vans and Etnies, monsters from the golden age of Reebok (such as the Shaq Attack and Alien Stomper), and the high-fashion collabs of today like Jeremy Scott x Adidas and the Air Yeezy.

check out the gallery below for close looks at some of featured sneakers (did any of your favorites make the cut?).  you can purchase the full poster here.   spotted on

minimalist science

03/16/13 1 Comment

kapil bhagat made minimalist posters dedicated to some of science’s icons.  check them out below (click for some info on the men/contributions depicted + larger look).  to buy the posters, click here.  spotted at flavorwire:

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“feed your faith…”

02/26/13 5 Comments

i heard a sermon once on the different ways people should add to their life savings.  in a financial sense, the pastor talked about doing things like putting aside a percentage of your income for emergencies.  in a physical sense, he recommended investing in your health through diet & exercise to ward off injuries/illnesses.  what was new to me was when he applied those same ideas in a religious sense.  he stressed the importance of building up a “spiritual reserve.”  just as in the other cases, life will hit you with unexpected stress and problems that can deplete your faith.  in response, we pack our spiritual cupboard with enough confidence in god & ourselves to weather any storm.  if we do so, when a crisis of faith does strike in any sense, our fears/problems will eventually die out while we continue on.

what are some things that you can do to “feed your faith”?

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