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pharrell williams “lost queen”

with his new album g i r l, pharrell follows the lively tone set by his oscar-nominated single “happy”.  the project isn’t perfect (corny and forced in spots).  however, it’s sprinkled with enough refreshing sounds/songs to make it worth a listen. one of those moments for me is “lost queen”, which takes you on two different vibes with a literal trip to the beach in between.  check it out, and if so inclined, stream the full album here via itunes radio.



life rewind 2013: music


[audio,,,,,,,,,,,, |titles=Justin Timberlake “That Girl”, Drake “5AM in Toronto”, Lil’ Wayne f/ 2 Chainz “Days and Days”, Lorde “Royals”, Jay-Z “Somewhere in America”, The Weeknd “Wanderlust”, Kanye West f/ Chief Keef & Justin Vernon “Hold My Liquor”, J. Cole f/ James Fauntleroy “Born Sinner”, Pusha T f/ Rick Ross & Kanye West “Hold On”, Jay-Z f/ Justin Timberlake “Holy Grail”, J. Cole f/ Young Jeezy “Kenny Lofton”, Drake “Hold On We’re Going Home”, Emeli Sande “Clown (live)” |loop=yes]

above is a playlist of some of my favorite music from 2013.  whether it was lyrics, pacing, production, content, etc., each song had something that kept in heavy rotation throughout the year.

as you listen, click on the pics below for the track list + a 7-words-or-less explanation for why i liked each song.

do you remember cassette tapes?  today, making a playlist is easier than saying “point & click” but *warning: back in my day story coming* back in my day, i had to record my favorite songs from the radio on to a memorex tape, hoping that the dj wouldn’t mess it up by talking.

in the video above, ithaca audio celebrates 50 years of “the format that brought us mixtapes and the birth of home sampling culture.”  watch their live mixtape, performed on an older-than-this-century tascam 1” tape machine.  tracklist below:

Jose Gonzalez – Crosses
Etta James – Something’s got a hold on me
Florrie – Give Me Your Love
Soul II Soul – Back to Life
Katy B – Katy on a Mission
Reverend and the Makers – Champion of the world
Labrynth – Earthquake
Liquid – Sweet Harmony
Gwen Stefani – What you waiting for?
The Ohio Players – Fire
La Roux – In for the kill
Prodigy – Smack my bitch up
Deadmau5 – Ghosts n Stuff Nero Remix
Deadmau5 – Raise your weapon
Adele – Skyfall
The Supremes – Come see about me


video: “the mixtape”


life rewind 2012: music

12/04/12 4 Comments

in the past, life rewind was about recapping my favorite songs of the year.  this time, i’m expanding it to a fuller blog review.  more to come in the next few weeks.

in the meantime, we’ll start with my top 12 songs from twenty-twelve (not ranked) with a full playlist at the end.  if some of your favorite songs aren’t on the list, let me know what i missed in the comments.

Fun. “We Are Young” f/ Janelle Monáe


first heard this on a super bowl commercial and was hooked ever since.


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rihanna “no love allowed”

unapologetic is the first rihanna album that i’ve listened to.  it starts off really bad (too much mindless music), but the songs get better in sound and substance near the end.  “no love allowed” taps into her bajan roots as she sings about a failed relationship.  produced by no i.d.

11/21/12 2 Comments

b.o.b “both of us” f/ taylor swift

i’m glad b.o.b makes music.  granted he’s kinda corny at times, but he puts out some good and genuine songs.  “both of us” is an uplifting cut off of his new album strange clouds.  taylor swift rocks the hook (for all i’ve heard about her over the past few years, this song was the first time i actually listened to her singing anything).

05/02/12 1 Comment

beyoncé continues her trend of making videos perfect for her songs with “countdown.”  the clip is a visual symphony of colors and eras that captures the track’s fun vibe while mimicking the many influences at play in the song.

video: beyoncé “countdown”


rapper/singer phonte from little brother and dutch producer nicolay make up the grammy-nominated duo, the foreign exchange.  their latest video “the last fall” is intense to say the least.  after the jump, you can also check out the video for their 3rd album’s title track “authenticity.”  via nahright.


the foreign exchange


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