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surreal images by erik johansson

07/24/13 3 Comments

"Self-actualization" - "It was shot in mid October 2011 just before the winter arrived. In short he was shot in front of a white canvas in all natural light with Swedish Värnen as a backdrop. I could have done the painting in Photoshop but wanted to keep it as realistic as possible so I did it by hand and shot the canvas from the same angle about a week later. See video below:"

photographer/retouch artist erik johansson says that he uses photography as “a way of collecting material to realize the ideas in my mind.”  see how he brings some of those ideas to life in the gallery below (click for a closer look).  spotted on soul pancake.

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the more widespread notions of beauty rest on two lies:

1.)  your natural self needs help (sometimes a lot of artificial help) to look its best.

2.)  beauty comes only in a specific size and color.

director jesse roston mocks the pursuit of these fallacies in an ad for a real-life version of photoshop.  the new cosmetics from adobé would let you skip the makeup, injections, surgeries, etc. and still reach the false sense of true beauty that you always wanted.  would you use it?

real-life photoshop

01/23/12 4 Comments

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