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optical illusion paintings

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"The Phenomenon of Floating"

“The Phenomenon of Floating”

there’s a beautifully conflicted symmetry to rob gonsalves‘s acrylic paintings, which blend different images & ideas to wonderful results.  see what i’m talking about in the gallery below.   for more of his work, check him out on facebook.  1st spotted @ yahoo.


life rewind 2013: photos


life rewinds on with my favorite images from 2k13.  click on a photo to open the full screen gallery & to get background info on the pics.

life doesn’t frighten me

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maya angelou‘s poetry joins jean-michael basquiat‘s art in “life doesn’t frighten me.”  the children’s book seeks to give kids strength in the face of things like scary animals & the dark:

Shadows on the wall
Noises down the hail
Life doesn’t frighten me at all

I go boo
Make them shoo
I make fun
Way they run
I won’t cry
So they fly
I just smile
They go wild

Life doesn’t frighten me at all.

listen to angelou read her poem (full lyrics here) as you scroll through some of basquiat’s accompanying illustrations (via brainpickings).  to see more, grab the book from your library/book store.

head shots


i love these paintings by harding meyer.  his oil-on-canvas portraits look like real people with just a touch of paint for makeup.  even the distorted ones have a reflections-smeared-in-a-pool vibe (extra body parts aside).  check out some of his work below (click for a better look at the details).  for more from the brazil-born, germany-based artist, go to his tumblr.  via colossal by way of thesmithian.

just finished watching jean-michel basquiat: the radiant child.  i knew a little bit about basquiat’s story and work coming into it but the film filled in the gaps.  it chronicles his rise from a homeless graffiti artist in 1970s new york to one of top painters in the world, covering his struggles with racism (in general but also specific to the art world) and fame, his relationship with andy warhol, and his entry into the infamous “27 club.”

some people say that basquiat was the greatest artist of his generation.  others say his art was just weird and he’s only kim kardashian famous for being famous.  watch the full documentary above (via openculture) and decide for yourself.

video: basquiat documentary

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blind eyes could look at me

11/27/11 2 Comments

in the art exhibit “blind,” roy nachum infuses his paintings with original poems written in braille.

I want to blur the barrier between touch and art, and hope people will walk away with a deeper understanding of life. I wish I can in some way open the eyes of people who are metaphorically blind, and create a unique and moving experience for those who actually are blind and may have never experienced a painting before.

click on some of his pieces below and check out more at his website.  spotted at life+times.

lucian freud


realist painter lucian freud died this week.  sigmund’s grandson was most known for his portraits.   peep a sample of his work below and click here for his obit in the nytimes.

“reflection of two children (self portrait)” 1965

“portrait of queen elizabeth two” 2001


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