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“I refuse to beat my chest over a grief that belongs to others, or shout about how terrorists messed with the wrong city. I find no virtue in braying over the capture of a teenager whose toxic grievances, and misguided loyalties, led to such senseless ruin. It is sad, all of it. The greater sadness for me is that America feels increasingly like a nation united by spectacles of atrocity. We pay attention, and open our hearts, only when violence of a random and gaudy enough variety strikes. But it shouldn’t take such calamity to awaken our decency, nor our devotion to causes of genuine moral progress. That, frankly, should be the price of our citizenship.”

writer steve almond reacting to the boston marathon bombing. check out his full article here (in which he talks about living in the city at the time, how the media’s coverage of the event, how people responded to the event & coverage, etc.) and let me know what you think.


the price of our citizenship


“watch out where you think outside the box”



chicago bulls center joakim noah has this drawing in his locker, possibly as a reminder to not say anything too “wild” to the media.  the imagery shows the tendency of some to pounce on others for their flaws, quirks, or even simple differences, which is sadder than that little goldfish.  spotted by the bulls show.

effect shrewd preferences

12/20/12 4 Comments

check out this poem by my lowercase sister evie shockley.  in it, the poet/professor encourages us to actively hold our politicians & media accountable for their actions.  as you read, see if you can hear a performance within the words created in part by her use of consonance and assonance:

effect shrewd preferences
by Evie Shockley

the screed seen here blesses
        the sweet, the meek, the gentle,
                the serene. let eyes ensembled
peep the news sheets: ere
        december descends, we'll elect
                the next pres, reps, etc. when
we welter, cede the wheel,
        we let greed-questers enter
                (well-dressed jerks!). they send
themselves the green we need,
        help themselves fleece the sheep
                we be. we're the perfect prey!
the press sleeps the sleep we
        deserve, then bleeds berserk
                text between celeb tweets. we'd
best reject the mess, steer
        the fleet between these repellent
                hells. veer! swerve! reverse!
here's the pledge: we'll expect
        better press. elect the decent
                men, the keenest shes. revere
sense. never feed spleen lest
        we weep endless weeks, red-
                eyed, bereft. let excellent pens
represent the experts' ken, help
        peeps remember key elements.
                let's select well. we'll revel yet.



video: jon stewart on fox news sunday


yesterday, jon stewart went on regular daily show dartboard fox news in an interview with chris wallace.  his appearances on the network usually elicit snarky debate and this latest episode was no exception.  wallace tried hard to focus much of the segment around the issue of political bias in mainstream media (and in turn, a defense of fox news’s conservative slant).  however, stewart argued that the larger problem of media bias isn’t political but toward “sensationalism, conflict and laziness” (amen!).  watch the full, unedited interview here.

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