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no one seems to have more fun with their videos than matt & kim.  some background on their new video “block after block” via pigeons and planes:

“Block After Block” was shot on location in NYC and not only includes Matt & Kim’s gang of friends, but also loyal Twitter followers who showed up to fulfill Matt’s fun and fresh concept of a flash-mob performance occurring in numerous iconic New York City locations. Crowd surfing on the Brooklyn Bridge, performing in a Chinatown intersection, and taking over the NBC Rockefeller Plaza are just a few of the raucous scenes included in this fun-filled music video.

previously: matt & kim: “cameras”


video: matt & kim “block after block”


i seem to hear more about matt and kim for their interesting videos than for their actual music.  not surprisingly, this video also outshines the song.

video: matt and kim “cameras”

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