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optical illusion paintings

03/22/15 3 Comments

"The Phenomenon of Floating"

“The Phenomenon of Floating”

there’s a beautifully conflicted symmetry to rob gonsalves‘s acrylic paintings, which blend different images & ideas to wonderful results.  see what i’m talking about in the gallery below.   for more of his work, check him out on facebook.  1st spotted @ yahoo.


idyllic noise

06/26/13 3 Comments

take a good look at this:

would you believe that instead of four separate pics, what you’re looking at is a single shot of items in an apartment room?  if you need some help, click on the pic to see it from a different angle.

in the comment section, list the things that photographer bela borsodi did to create this visual illusion.  via asapscience.

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