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optical illusion paintings

03/22/15 3 Comments

"The Phenomenon of Floating"

“The Phenomenon of Floating”

there’s a beautifully conflicted symmetry to rob gonsalves‘s acrylic paintings, which blend different images & ideas to wonderful results.  see what i’m talking about in the gallery below.   for more of his work, check him out on facebook.  1st spotted @ yahoo.


in the video above, sci fri explores the amazing camouflage techniques of octopi, squids & other cephalopods.  featured in the clip is marine biologist roger hanlon (and yup, that first part of the video had me buggin out too, roger).

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what made this marine biologist scream?

12/18/13 2 Comments

an underwater waterfall?



just off the coast of mauritius (former home of the dodo) is what appears to be an underwater waterfall.  background & more pics via exposure guide:

A fascinating illusion can be found at the Southwestern tip of the island. When seen from the air, a runoff of sand and silt deposits makes the illusion of an underwater waterfall. The visually deceiving impression is absolutely breathtaking when seen from aerial shots. In fact, the illusion can even be seen on Google Maps. Satellite views are dramatic, as an underwater current seemingly appears off the coastline of this tropical heaven. Viewed from other perspectives, the ocean appears to be a spectacular gamut of greens, blues, and whites, creating the false impression that it plummets down just like a raging waterfall.

Causing the visual magic here is the sand, which is the fair-colored part of the water. The current caused by waves smashing against that specific part of the island causes the sand to be dispersed in a natural, waterfall-like manner of the receding waves’ downward pull. In a manner of speaking, it is in fact an underwater waterfall, but more akin to an hourglass, rather than a typical cascading water.

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idyllic noise

06/26/13 3 Comments

take a good look at this:

would you believe that instead of four separate pics, what you’re looking at is a single shot of items in an apartment room?  if you need some help, click on the pic to see it from a different angle.

in the comment section, list the things that photographer bela borsodi did to create this visual illusion.  via asapscience.

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