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life rewind 2013: photos


life rewinds on with my favorite images from 2k13.  click on a photo to open the full screen gallery & to get background info on the pics.


video: clowns face off with kkk in north carolina


at a recent ku klux klan rally in charlotte, nc, a group of counter-protesters dressed up like clowns to mock their unwanted visitors.  outnumbering the white supremacists 5-1, they responded to the hate messages with laughs and love through signs saying “dwight power” (instead of white power), noisemakers, colorful wigs and rubber noses.  the point of it all was to emphasize how silly people look/sound when they promote racist beliefs.  as one protester put it,

“We look like clowns and you’re the ones who look funny.”

you can see some footage from the rally in the cnn report below:

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