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“music painting” is a creative musical experience that taps into your ears, eyes and mind.  as you listen to matteo negrin‘s rendition of “lacrime di giulietta”, watch the played notes bloom along the sheet music as you also follow a tale about man’s relationship with nature.  the video was negrin’s idea put into action by alice ninni (director/painter), luca cattaneo (director/editor) & alberto filippini (editor).  via soul pancake.


music painting


happy 54th birthday to prince rogers nelson.  to celebrate, check out one of my favorite moments of his, which took place at the 2004 rock and roll hall induction ceremony.  performing the beatles’ hit  “while my guitar gently weeps” with the likes of tom petty and dhani harrison (george harrison’s son), prince stole the show with a ridiculously good (and just ridiculous) solo that included a guitar toss and a george jefferson strut off the stage.  he starts around the 3 min mark but watch the whole clip for the full effect.

the best guitar solo ever

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while my guitar gently weeps

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i have a lowkey crush on guitars.  maybe it’s cause they weren’t that much of a staple in my hiphop-laden childhood, but my ears perk up around them like pets at dinner time.  one of the showcase tracks for the instrument is “while my heart gently weeps” by the beatles.  written by george harrison and originally featuring eric clapton on lead guitar, the song has been covered by a number of artists including carlos santana (pictured above at woodstock).  i just caught his version featuring the effortless india.arie and famed cellist yo-yo ma a couple days ago and i’ve had it on repeat ever since.  you can compare it to the original below.

Santana – While My Guitar Gently Weeps f/ India.Arie & Yo-Yo Ma (2010)

Related:  The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1968)

Bonus:  Wu-Tang – My Heart Gently Weeps (2007).  considered more of an interpolation than a straight cover.  it features the vocal stylings of raekwon, ghostface, method man and erykah badu with former chili pepper john frusciante and george’s son dhani on guitar.

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