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we’re not still holding on to the “men shouldn’t cry” thing, right?  seems as archaic as women not being allowed to control their own bodies (ha).  i understand the need for defining some gender roles/traits.  however in doing so, we have to be careful not to step what should be universal human rights.

the man in the short film above never cries but in this case, it’s not because of any cultural stereotypes.  synopsis via director bradley jackson:

Ralph Winston has never cried; not when he was a baby, not when his heart was crushed by his high school sweetheart, not even when he first saw Steven Spielberg’s E.T. So when his father dies, Ralph – age 32 – decides to embark upon a true emotional journey with hopes to shed his first tear before the funeral – and before it’s not too late.

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the man who never cried


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