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06/26/13 3 Comments

take a good look at this:

would you believe that instead of four separate pics, what you’re looking at is a single shot of items in an apartment room?  if you need some help, click on the pic to see it from a different angle.

in the comment section, list the things that photographer bela borsodi did to create this visual illusion.  via asapscience.

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Standard questions. Prepared answers. If job interviews are all the same, how to find the right talent among 1734 applicants?

thinking about this problem, heineken decided to use a different approach to hire its next intern.  in the video above called the candidate, the beer company put applicants through a series of tests not found in a normal interview.  while some of these tests might seem weird for the setting (and maybe just weird in general), seeing how the potential employees handle unique situations could show more about their true character & abilities than a prescribed q&a would (not to mention, it might be more exciting/fun for both parties involved).

after watching the video, which interview style would you prefer?  the typical q&a or something more creative like the candidate?  answer in the poll below.  also, share any of your interesting interview experiences in the comments.

is this the best or worst job interview ever?

02/28/13 3 Comments

big boi “shoes for running” f/ b.o.b & wavves

i checked out big boi’s vicious lies and dangerous rumors on a whim and i’m glad i did.  with a mix of sounds and lyrics as colorful as the album cover, i’m guessing he had as much fun making it as i did listening to it.  for a little taste, here’s “shoes for running” featuring b.o.b & san diego-based band wavves.  find a way to get your hands on the full album.  your ears deserve it.


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