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We’re all capable of a little more — a little faster, a little higher, a little stronger, a little more. And when we look at all of the little things we’ve done, we’ll see the big things we’re doing.

here’s yet another stellar ad from the folks at nike.  this one celebrates the 25th anniversary of their iconic slogan “just do it” by showing what people are capable of when they keep pushing forward.  the spot features star athletes including lebron james, serena williams, jon “bones” jones, andre ward & pique.  bradley cooper narrates while “future starts slow” by the kills plays in the background.  via hyc.

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when the beautiful game turns ugly



wright thompson tackles racism in italian soccer in this month’s espn mag:

I’ve given up hope of ever fully understanding the fractured things I saw while chasing the Serie A soccer circus around Italy. Let me be honest. I got sent to write about racism, which I found in staggering amounts. But Italy isn’t like America, and racism there is tied into a thousand years of feuds, and hatred of anyone different, even if they’re from only a few miles away, and fascism, and the recent wave of immigration. That’s all in here, but it’s unfair to hide my predicament, which became clear after only a day or two. I’d fallen into a parallel universe of contradictions.

thompson travels everywhere from football terraces to refugee camps, trying to unpack things like a fan who was “a great dude…until he started quoting hitler and dropping n-bombs” or why home-born italians like soccer star mario balotelli are subject to xenophobic vitriol in their own country.  he finds that the issues extend to all levels of football and in some cases, start with deep-rooted problems that stretch beyond the pitch.  follow his journey in the compelling article below and let know what you think.

When The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly – Wright Thompson – ESPN

this season, the nba decided to crack down on flopping by issuing fines (they even made a video tutorial to help people spot it).  even though i understand why they’re doing it (protect the integrity of the game, etc.), part of me just loves flopping.  seeing top athletes turn into temporary thespians adds an extra spice to the games (kinda tastes like amusement & disgust).  the players may be able to trick the refs in those split-second moments, but they rarely fool the cameras, which often capture their silliness in slow-motion glory.

beckley mason for put together his own guide to flops, complete with flop names like “backdown boogie” and “salmon.”  out of the videos below, who do you think deserves the oscar?

and the nominees for best performance in a basketball dramedy are…

“delayed ball flop” starring mick pennisi

“exploding pick” starring omer asik

“phantom elbow” starring tony allen

“dueling flops” starring manu ginobili & james harden

and while we’re here, i’d like to give the basketball dramedy lifetime achievement award to paul pierce for moments like this:

if you can think of any other athletes (across sports) who deserve recognition/disgust for their acting chops, let me know in the comments.

and the nominees for best performance in a basketball dramedy are…

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