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why vanilla isn’t as bland as you might think

09/03/13 2 Comments


vanilla has gotten a bad rap.  it’s not only viewed as the most “boring” flavor of ice cream, but webster’s dictionary goes as far as to define it as “lacking distinction: plain, ordinary, conventional”.  the blog incautus futuri however disagrees and raises a solid argument that vanilla is actually one of coolest crops on earth (spotted @ briliiant botany):

  • “It’s an orchid [pictured above] that grows on a three-meter vine, and its flowers last for only a single day.”  i didn’t even know that there was a vanilla flower.
  • “If you want fruit from them, these flowers must be pollinated by hand, since vanilla has no natural pollinators outside of its native range.”
  • “The seed pod takes about nine months to mature, after which it must be harvested and cured.” kinda like human pregnancy.
  • because of that long maturation process, it’s “the world’s second-most expensive spice, after saffron.”  according to this list, a pound of vanilla pods can sell for as much as $200 in the international market.
  • on top of all of that, whether eaten on its own & or as a compliment to other foods, vanilla is scrumdiddilyumptuous.

so does any of that sound plain, ordinary or conventional to you?

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