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richard sherman is better at life than you

03/07/13 4 Comments


“In my 24 years of life, I’m better at life than you. It’s not personal, this is résumé. I’m better than you.”

nfl all-pro stanford graduate richard sherman (pic. center) talking to espn all-pro agitator skip bayless (right).  see what sparked the comment (which is up there with “straight cash, homie” on my all-time favorite athlete quotes) in the video below.  via complex.


nietzsche and kelly clarkson both said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  their words are personified in 18-year old latipha cross.  life has tested this girl from detroit, michigan with some of worst things it has to offer.  still, latipha hasn’t quit.  instead, she continues to press forward, making the most out of any situation she’s faced.  check out her story above as narrated by espn’s jeremy schaap.

one sprinter, many hurdles

09/21/12 2 Comments

former nfl player chris draft lost his wife to lung cancer just five weeks after their wedding.  with valentine’s day around the corner, it’s a touching story of love and cherishing every moment with your special someone.

love and loss

02/08/12 4 Comments

yesterday’s e:60 showed a compelling feature on one of my favorite wrestlers, scott hall (aka razor ramon).  in his heyday, hall gave us an all-time cool entrance and possibly the most dramatic moment in wrestling history.  sadly, the espn piece plays out like darren aronofsky’s the wrestler as we see a man too high off “the life” to know when to quit.

say hello to the bad guy


american wrestler ellis coleman has dominated sportscenter’s best of the best with a move dubbed the “flying squirrel.”  check it out in action at last month’s junior greco-roman championships (note coleman’s yeahivedonethisbefore reaction and the opposing coach’s disbelief).

video: wrestling’s flying squirrel

08/18/11 1 Comment

get to know the nba’s latest superhero


if you still believe that there’s an axis of evil down in south beach, kevin durant’s your superman.  someone talented enough to do this and this yet still humble enough to credit the messiah before every interview.  an athlete who feels responsible not just for himself, but for his team, his community and all of those who have supported him.  you might think that 22-year old millionaires aren’t supposed to be like this.  or that the praise and admiration that he receives is too good to be true.  but durant’s living a movie, not living by rules (think ricky if he had juked those bullets in boyz in the hood).  check out the link below for an in-depth look into the experiences and people that helped shape the young clark kent that we see today.

Kevin Durant Humble in the Heartland –



after all the failed decisions, sex scandals and crappy teams, things are finally looking sunnyside up for the knicks.  not guaranteed title contenders (yet), but definitely on rise.  espn writer michael wilbon seems to agree with me.  check out his take on the knicks’s prospects this year and the future.

Knicks forecast on the upswing now –

how to pass a legend


along with christ’s would-be bday, tomorrow’s the much hyped match-up between the defending champion lakers and the would-be champion heat.  with it comes the gift of seeing the league’s two best players, kobe bryant and lebron james, go head to head not just in debates about who’s better, but actually on the court.  in an article on, j.a. adande argues that if lebron ever wants to pass mr. bryant on the list of all-time nba greats, he has to make his mark against him now while both players are still in their prime.  as the writer contends, it’s much easier to beat a legend while he’s still playing than it is once he has retired to people’s precious memories (word to kobe’s pursuit of one michael jeffrey jordan).

LeBron-Kobe: The Evolving Matchup –

podcast: the miz on the bs report

in the latest bs report (12/2), espn’s bill simmons spends a fun hour with wwe champ mike mizanin.  the two discuss mtv’s real world, life in sports entertainment, and succeeding where lesser folk fail.  i can’t rock with wrestling like that any more, but definitely respect dude’s come-up.



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