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a subway ride around the world



recently the new yorker focused its lens on the modern-day underground railroad.  by doing things like exploring the tunnels of milan & riding above venezulean slums, the photographers let you see some of the different experiences people across the globe have with the subway.  click on the pics for closer looks + background info via jessie wender‘s captions.  as you browse through, compare the images to your local public transport system.

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president obama sat down for an interview with bill o’reilly and fox news.  at times, the president was on auto-pilot with stock answers and bill flashed some of his trademark abrasiveness, but overall, it was a good exchange.  in part one (which aired before the super bowl), they run through relevant topics like the civil unrest in egypt and health care in america but also touch on obama’s experience as president of united states.  check after the jump for part 2, which aired the next night on the o’reilly factor.  in it, they cover the war in afghanistan, fixing the american economy, the need for civility in the media and president obama’s opinion of fox news.


obama and o’reilly

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