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with the nba locked out for the foreseeable future, the best chance to see kevin durant drop 66 or kobe hit a game-winner is on the pro-am circuit.  a star-studded game happened this weekend in the nation’s capitol, pitting la’s drew league (represented by brandon jennings, james harden, demar derozen, etc.) versus dc’s goodman league (durant, john wall, javale mcgee, etc.).  catch the highlights from the 135-134 thriller below.

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video: drew v. goodman highlights


get to know the nba’s latest superhero


if you still believe that there’s an axis of evil down in south beach, kevin durant’s your superman.  someone talented enough to do this and this yet still humble enough to credit the messiah before every interview.  an athlete who feels responsible not just for himself, but for his team, his community and all of those who have supported him.  you might think that 22-year old millionaires aren’t supposed to be like this.  or that the praise and admiration that he receives is too good to be true.  but durant’s living a movie, not living by rules (think ricky if he had juked those bullets in boyz in the hood).  check out the link below for an in-depth look into the experiences and people that helped shape the young clark kent that we see today.

Kevin Durant Humble in the Heartland –

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