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the owl looks almost as amused by this as i am (via HornRimmedRefugee).  for more pareidolia, click here & here.


not too long after steve jobs died yesterday, i kept seeing the quote “stay hungry.  stay foolish.”   it came from a 2005 speech that jobs delivered for stanford university’s commencement.  he shared stories about his adoption, dropping out of college (and dropping back in), business ventures and finding out about the pancreatic cancer that ultimately ended his life.  the tales provide good life lessons and some insight into our modern-day thomas edison.  check out the full speech above and read along with the transcript after the jump.


autobiography of steve jobs


the 20 smartest people of 2010

12/31/10 2 Comments got together with 24 macarthur genius fellows to rank the people whose innovations will most “define the technological, scientific, and social milieu of the decade.”  their criteria:

• flashes of brilliance that occurred or came to a head in 2010

• intelligence in action

• overall smarts

pictured above is a sample of their picks (from left to right):  “the grandmother of performance art” marina abramović, daily show host jon stewart, education wonder woman michelle rhee, and music superstar kanye west.  check out the full list below (ima be on it next year #newyearsresolution).

The 20 Smartest People of 2010 – The Daily Beast

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