100% life from concentrate

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atolemdrothe site:

atolemdro (pronounced “at-o-lem-dro”) shares the world with you through videos, articles, music & photos. expect about a post per day covering a gamut of different topics. the goal is to inform/entertain/enrich you with things that you might not have come across otherwise.

the name:

atolemdro comes from a poetry manuscript that i’m working on called atomic lemon drops.

100% life:

the “100% life” series consists of people doing guest posts about themselves.  one motivation behind it is to see what people do with an open platform/canvas to express themselves.  as a by-product, i feel that we as an audience will benefit from the thoughts/feelings/experiences that come out of the posts.  check it out here.

atomic lemon drops:

for the “atomic lemon drops” series, i will post one of my own poems along with some background on the piece.  the goal is to not only let you in on something that i love, but to also discuss the art of reading and writing poetry.  check it out here.

contact info:

twitter: @atolemdro




instagram: @atolemdro


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