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vivian maier’s master class in selfies

11/18/13 , , , , , , ,

Undated, New York.

from a lightbox piece on nanny/undercover photog vivian maier:

One of the things that fascinated me early on was the fact that Maier was shooting photos prolifically while she had a career as a nanny and, at the same time, didn’t show her work to anyone for feedback. So, to me, this is the mark of a true artist; someone who can create a large body of work by themselves as an expression of their true self and it speaks to all of us in our own way. That’s important. She didn’t try to become famous, she didn’t create images for others and she didn’t see things that she knew others would appreciate. She saw the world in a personal, uninfluenced way, and her photos are a raw depiction of that world she saw. 

for a taste of this prolific/personal art, check out the collection of ms. maier’s self-portraits below (click for closer looks + captions).  vivian’s selfies are cooler than the ones that saturate social media in the creative ways that her pics show her without her always being the center of attention.

catch more of ms. maier’s work and story here.  also, nyc folks, the howard greenberg gallery has a vivian maier exhibit going on until early dec. 1st spotted via npr.


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