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“die kampfkinder”: 6-year-old muay thai fighters

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The coach shouts at a boy during the break of the fight.

while vacationing in thailand two years ago, photographer sandra hoyn saw a muay thai competition featuring boys & girls as young as 6 years old.  shocked and intrigued, she immersed herself in the culture, spending time with the kids at their homes, training sessions, and fights.  the result was a photo series hoyn titled “die kampfkinder” (“fighting kids”).  she talked about the experience with slate:

“I feel the urgency to show what is happening in the world, in which circumstances people are living. Sometimes it is difficult to keep the journalistic difference. With many protagonists of my stories, I develop a friendship, so on one side it is good for the story, while on the other hand it’s hard to stay neutral and remind myself I’m not just a friend, I’m also a photojournalist.”

“The most shocking thing for me was to see the pressure on these children. They are the instrument for the parents to earn money, and they have to win the fight because the parents bet a lot of money on them. A lot of people lose all their money in one night.”

you can check out some of the series in the gallery below (click for closer looks + captions).  let me know what you think about the idea of child fighters, hoyn’s work or anything else that comes to mind.

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Great serie



That’s terrible way for children to grow up. Disgusting parents. Sad, sad.

David L Ferguson


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