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foundations like make-a-wish do a great job making the dreams of terminally ill youth come true.  in the case of nkaitole, a 4-year old boy from kenya, the urgency to accomplish his goals isn’t because of any specific life-threatening disease.  instead, it’s due to water.

according to water is life, 20% of children won’t reach the age of 5 in part due to unsafe drinking water.  with this in mind, the group helped nkaitole complete his bucket list.  it’s cute to see him do things like play soccer at the national stadium & get his first kiss.  however, this doesn’t come without a degree of sadness knowing that people’s lives are at risk for something that many of us take for granted every day.

you can watch some of nkaitole’s journey in the video above (via corinne bailey rae).  if so moved, click here to donate to water is life.

related: see where you rank on the global rich list | i couldn’t mention bucket lists without directing you to lesley carter’s great site bucket list publications

bonus: yasiin bey focused his song “new world water” on the world’s water problem.  you can listen to it below (lyrics here):


watch a 4-year old complete his bucket list

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Water is life and because of many other unknown nkaitoles i fully support this charitable mission whose main aim is to bring clean drinking water to those that lack access to it,



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