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classroom portraits from across the globe

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classroom-2012 for the photo suite classroom portraitsjulian germain traveled to schools from england to argentina to japan with the hope of providing an intimate look at education around the world.  as you visit each class through germain’s lens in the gallery below, pay attention to:

  • the nuances of the classroom.  room size, # of students, dress code, decorations, etc.  think about the portraits both independent of each other as well as juxtaposed against the others/your own school experience.
  • the students’ expressions.  while germain painstakingly positioned each kid in clear view of the camera, he didn’t tell them how they “should look.”  interesting then to think about how much of the looks/mannerisms are in response to the long-exposure photo experience or to some other aspects of the students’ lives.

for more pics + some background on the students & their country’s education system, check out the book.  spotted @ brain pickings.

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