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a thumbprint portrait colored with your favorite things

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details via artist cheryl sorg:

Thumbprint portraits use your own thumbprint to create a large (three feet high!), modern, colorful work of art that will be absolutely YOU.  I will use your own thumbprint and recreate its unique patterns using snippets of imagery, text and color from your favorite things (you’ll provide a list and I’ll pore through and gather hundreds of images to best represent that list).  Your favorites could include much-loved books, music, films, poetry, quotes, places traveled and lived and more.  The result is a truly one-of-a-kind portrait that captures your personality and passions.  It makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one.  A great way to do a unique family portrait – you could create one for each family member, or (like the one shown above!) use one family member’s thumbprint and incorporate the interests of all family members into one portrait.

take a close look at the portraits in the gallery below.  think about what you might include your portrait (you can buy one here) and share in the comments.  to help you along, listen to “my favorite things” by john coltrane.


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