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scrabble-inspired brain teaser

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since my mom had me playing scrabble at a young age, i was naturally attracted to today’s mental exercise (via the great puzzle site the master theorem).  details via the puzzle’s creator:  

There are lots of games and puzzles that I’m into, but Scrabble tops the list of challenging ways for me to show off my hardcore anagramming skills. And what better thing to be known for?

I’ve spent hours plotting and scheming to get the very best words in the perfect spots so I can knock out my lexical opponents. My favorite way to earn points is to layer word upon word so that each of my moves actually creates a couple words at once. 

Again, I’m pretty good. How do you think you would fare against me? 

You might not want to invite me to a game of Words with Friends quite yet. 

This is today, 

take a close look at the scrabble board above (click on it for a closer look) as well as m’s message.  then, use your deductive skills to figure out the one-word answer to this puzzle.  if you need some help, look out for a hint on atolemdro’s facebook page.

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    […] brain teasers: scrabble-inspired brain teaser | when shouldn’t you trust love? | the stable marriage problem | see if you can solve this […]

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