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horizontal rainbow in paris

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taken by betrand kulik. here’s nasa‘s explanation for this natural layer cake of color:

Why is this horizon so colorful? Because, opposite the Sun, it is raining. What is pictured above is actually just a common rainbow. It’s uncommon appearance is caused by the Sun being unusually high in the sky during the rainbow‘s creation. Since every rainbow‘s center must be exactly opposite the Sun, a high Sun reflecting off of a distant rain will produce a low rainbow where only the very top is visible — because the rest of the rainbow is below the horizon. Furthermore, no two observers can see exactly the same rainbow — every person finds themselves exactly between the Sun and rainbow’s center, and every observer sees the colorful circular band precisely 42 degrees from rainbow’s center. 

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What a lovely picture! I have had some rather lousy experiences in Paris but this beautiful pic reminds me while I will always keep going and loving the city. Pure magic that even the rainbows bend to it! ❤

Annie Banannie


“Pure magic that even the rainbows bend to it!” i like that 🙂



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