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31 days of creativity with food

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artist/architect hong yi (aka “red”) challenged herself to create new art every day in march using only food:

My ‘creativity with food’ series has helped me push the limits of my creativity by forcing me to churn out new designs every day. It has taught me to not be too serious about what I do, but also to pay attention to detail and to work within the confines of a very small area. I’ve learned to slice, dice, stir, boil…who would have thought I’d need that for my art! 

This has definitely been a very refreshing and fun exercise that is very different from what I’ve done before. It’s made me more observant of the food I come across each day; I don’t just shove them done my throat anymore…I notice their texture and patterns, the way they crack or fold or crumble, and how they react when in contact with heat or moisture or air…It has taught me to see joy and fun in ordinary, everyday items that I come across, and to paint and create objects as I feel and imagine them, not just as I see them.

check out some of my favorites from the series below (click on them for a closer look + red’s captions).  for more, go to her instagram or blog.  spotted at colossal.

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