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it’s the holiday season and you’re about to fly cross-country to see the family. while people-watching near your gate, you notice a guy explaining the “prestige” of the mile high club to his girlfriend, a freckled kid who you hope won’t be kicking your seat in the next hour, and a elderly woman, who probably smells like your grandmama’s bread pudding, videochatting with her only favorite nephew. a breaking news report on the tv snatches your attention for a bit. as the stern newscaster warns viewers about a suspect on the run, the dangerous person in question is revealed to be you. with probable shock/confusion welling up inside and people now starting to watch you, what would you do?

nivea put some travelers through similar situations to help promote a product. see how the travelers handle their “stress test” in the video above. spotted at mashable.

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this would be a great april fools’ joke

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