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i never got with the odd future wave.  love what frank is doing on the r&b front, but most of what i heard/saw from their rappers (tyler, earl, hodgy, etc.) was mostly wack and/or weird.  that said, i’m glad i gave tyler’s new video a shot.  his song “ifhy” adds some color to the gray areas of love.  visually, it reminds me of the imaginative stuff busta rhymes was doing out in the 90s (see here & here for examples & nostalgia).  on both fronts, he does a good job negotiating that subjective line between weirdness and creativity.  check it out and let me know what you think.  also on the strength of this, i’m gonna give tyler’s new album wolf a run-through (will update ya on it when i do).

update: i listened to the album.   he shows flashes of talent throughout, but it’s buried under the aforementioned weirdness too often for my taste.


video: tyler, the creator “ifhy” f/ pharrell

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The video is great and he’s an amazing writer, but his character tanks me again and again. I can’t hang in there he’s a little kid mind. Still, seriously creative.



i heard some of his perceived immaturity comes out of consciously not caring about how people say he should act. that’s cool on a level, but def comes off as childish & annoying at times.



Haha. Yeah. But then again he’s really young, like 19 or something I heard. It’s just the cats around here 20/19 would strike you like 27 til you ask em.’

Guess he’s lucky to have a youth. 🙂 By the way, nice blog!!! The format is unique!!



yeah that way of thinking is usually reserved for older folk so he might be too young in a sense (he’s actually 22 if that makes a difference). however if he’s already in a secure enough spot to really embrace it in a mature way, i can’t knock it (i still gotta filter out the annoying stuff though ha).

and thanks preciate it 🙂



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