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richard sherman is better at life than you

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“In my 24 years of life, I’m better at life than you. It’s not personal, this is résumé. I’m better than you.”

nfl all-pro stanford graduate richard sherman (pic. center) talking to espn all-pro agitator skip bayless (right).  see what sparked the comment (which is up there with “straight cash, homie” on my all-time favorite athlete quotes) in the video below.  via complex.


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He embarrassed himself and the Seahawks organization. As much I think Bayless is not a good debater, I think Sherman behaved inappropriately. My personal opinion.



i think sherman actually behaved appropriately for that setting. much of that show centers around skip being “so disrespectful” by making over-the-top comments about players/teams without much reason/support. sherman, who was on the receiving end of this in the past, just gave skip a taste of his own medicine. should he have stooped to skip’s level? no. did he take it further than he needed to? maybe. still, neither part of that was bad enough where i’d say that sherman embarrassed himself or his team. thanks for sharing though.



Well i would tend to agree that someone should embarrass Skip but it shouldn’t be an athlete. I don’t understand why Sherman cares what Skip thinks. If Sherman thinks he is good and at the class of Revis then that what matters. Remember Skip gets paid for ratings so of course he acts like that because he wants ratings nothing more and nothing less. Sherman should have not accepted the interview in the first place.



why shouldn’t it be an athlete? they’re the ones who receive most of the vitriol in the so-called debates…i agree though that given the ratings over everything mentality, sherman shouldn’t care what skip thinks & that he probably shouldn’t have gone on the show.



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