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model mothers

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camila dubay and her mother, lourdes dubay

camila dubay and her mother, lourdes dubay

via nytimes:

Women who are pregnant with girls are often reminded of the old wives’ tale about daughters’ stealing their mothers’ beauty. But what Howard Schatz captures in his photos of models and their mothers are the origins of beauty and how certain features translate into the next generation. Interested not only in their genetic similarities but also in how they interact with each other, Schatz has been taking pictures of mother-model pairs for more than 12 years. Sometimes they hold hands affectionately; other times, they don’t want to touch at all. “I tell the model, ‘Be your mother’s daughter,’ ” he says of his instructions to his subjects. “ ‘No need to be a sexy fashion model.’ They have a very hard time with that. I want them to stop smiling and stop telling the camera how it’s supposed to see them.”

after checking out the pics below (click to zoom + see names), tell me which mother-daughter combo you think:

looks the most natural?

looks the most awkward?

looks the most alike?

looks the most different?

has the mother that could be (or have been) a model also?

is your favorite?

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