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six-word memoirs, illustrated

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while browsing brain pickings the other day, i read about this cool book called Things Don’t Have To Be Complicated: Illustrated Six-Word Memoirs by Students Making Sense of the World.  author larry smith asked students to illustrate their own 6-word memoir.  while breaking your life down to 6 words might seem too restrictive,  the book’s intro offers a different perspective:

As an autobiographical challenge, the six-word limitation forces us to pinpoint who we are and what matters most — at least in the moment. The constraint fuels rather than limits our creativity.

check out what some people (ages 8-23) did with it in the pics below (click on them for a closer look + caption).

what would be your 6-word memoir?  share in the comments.  if you want to go a step further by illustrating it, email it to & i’ll feature it in this post.


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Really, really interesting. We, many times, think that we are “all that, and some” when our memoir could be six words or even less. I like the last one. If we stopped to break walls down – those we hide behind many misunderstandings would be prevented.



agreed. it’s also interesting seeing how ppl might respond at different ages & how they choose to illustrate their lives (in words & images)

and that “breaks walls down” one was a favorite of mine as well.



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