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next up in life rewind 2012…my favorite videos that i posted this year.  the ones below vary in length & subject, but all are worth your undivided attention.  now on to our featured presentations

julia gillard’s misogyny speech

australian prime minister julia gillard delivers a point-by-point breakdown of opposing party leader tony abbott’s hypocrisy that was public in viewing yet still very intimate in its attack.  it’s some of the strongest political ether you’ll ever hear (as the video goes on, you can really see abbott’s soul burn slow).  click here for more background on the speech.


“This 19 minute film exposes the lives of 3 undocumented students, living in the US without legal status. Never having touched a camera, the 3 students were gifted with a small handycam and trained for half a day by Lukas Korver and Matt B. Taylor. They were asked to film everyday for 3 months. Through their lens, this is their story.”

love and loss

former nfl player chris draft lost his wife to lung cancer just five weeks after their wedding.  it’s a touching story of love and cherishing every moment with your special someone.

mick pennisi “delayed ball flop”

i did a post on flopping in basketball and this particular one has had me cracking up for most of the year.  pennisi explains his silliness here.

one sprinter, many hurdles

nietzsche and kelly clarkson both said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  their words are personified in 18-year old latipha cross.  life has tested this girl from detroit, michigan with some of worst things it has to offer.  still, latipha hasn’t quit.  instead, she continues to press forward, making the most out of any situation she’s faced.  check out her story above as narrated by espn’s jeremy schaap.

real-life photoshop

director jesse roston mocks some widespread notions of beauty in an ad for a real-life version of adobe’s photoshop.  the new cosmetics from “adobé” would let you skip the makeup, injections, surgeries, etc. and still reach the false sense of true beauty that you always wanted.  would you use it?

the best guitar solo ever

i posted this to celebrate prince rogers nelson’s birthday.  performing the beatles’ hit  “while my guitar gently weeps” with the likes of tom petty and dhani harrison (george harrison’s son), prince stole the show with a ridiculously good (and just ridiculous) solo that included a guitar toss and a george jefferson strut off the stage.  he starts around the 3 min mark but watch the whole clip for the full effect.

the hunted and the hated

in “the hunted and the hated,” director russ tuttle gives viewers a multi-layered look at stop-and-frisk from the perspective of citizens and police officers.  even with the statistics and testimonials that you’ll see and hear in the film, maybe the most damning aspect of it is the recorded audio of a police stop and one between two officers.

the love competition

how do you measure love?  for the 1st annual love competition, the stanford center for cognitive and neurobiological imaging skipped words, actions and feelings in favor of a fmri.  7 contestants (a mix of men and women, ages 10-75) were given 5 minutes in the machine to love someone/something as hard as they can.  meanwhile, researchers tracked activity along the dopamine, seratonin & oxytocin/vasopressin pathways in their brains, which is believed to be a prime indicator of love.  the person with the most activity was the winner.  one of the best things about this doc (directed by brent hoff) is hearing the different kinds of love that the contestants were thinking about.  if you were competing, what love would you focus on?

nike “voices”

celebrating the 40th anniversary of title ix, nike put out a cool commercial supporting young female athletes.  it features 4 us olympians: lisa leslie (basketball), diana taurasi (basketball), marlen esparza (boxing) and joan benoit samuelson (marathon).  samuelson had one of my quotes in the piece: “i’m 55 years old and i run close to 70 miles a week.”  yo.

related: an op-ed by pres. obama on the impact of title ix.


wasp is an oscar-winning short film written and directed by andrea arnold.  centered around a poor british family, it tugs at the threads of your essence in the most subtle way possible.

wrecking crew orchestra

the wrecking crew orchestra is an 8-man dance group based out of japan.  in the video above, they do a tron-inspired set using iluminate technology.  their great timing and manipulation of light make it an entertaining show.  (aside: listen for the little kid screaming for his mom).

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life rewind 2012: videos

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