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life rewind 2012: must-reads

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in better-late-than-never news (sorry), here are 12 posts that you can’t go into 2013 without reading (click on the titles to access the full post):

  • audacity: dream hampton shares her “rape story” under the backdrop of growing up in 1970s detroit.
  • beauty isn’t only skin deepan all-around great retort to misplaced notions of beauty & general ignorance.
  • how to live “meaningfully well”i originally posted this on january 1st but the advice it offers still holds up for your upcoming new year’s resolutions (your “new day” ones as well).
  • in order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets: this daily prompt response stresses the importance of being able to live with regrets and suggests ways for you to do it.
  • “live like a mighty river”poet ted hughes wrote this uplifting letter to his son addressing in part what is at the core of people.
  • navigating new trenches after a breakup: great advice on moving from lost love through the lens of the author’s failed interracial relationship.
  • shoulda been jimi savannahpatricia smith tells the story behind her plain name in a poem that’s vivid, funny and engrossing.
  • the “busy” trap: this op-ed debunks the everyday mythology of “busyness” and encourages people to avoid its pitfalls.
  • the shattering: a refreshing manifesto on how becoming honest with yourself is the key to going from where you are to who/what you want to be.
  • two minus one: this beautiful poem focuses on a grief no one wants to face by embodying what it means to smile through pain.
  • we have listened long enough to the pessimistsmark twain shared this letter written by his friend helen keller to motivate those who might heard it at the time and those who will read it in the future (e.g. you).
  • 100% life seriesi’m kinda cheating by listing an entire series here, but it wouldn’t be right for me to have a must-read list without it.

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