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this season, the nba decided to crack down on flopping by issuing fines (they even made a video tutorial to help people spot it).  even though i understand why they’re doing it (protect the integrity of the game, etc.), part of me just loves flopping.  seeing top athletes turn into temporary thespians adds an extra spice to the games (kinda tastes like amusement & disgust).  the players may be able to trick the refs in those split-second moments, but they rarely fool the cameras, which often capture their silliness in slow-motion glory.

beckley mason for put together his own guide to flops, complete with flop names like “backdown boogie” and “salmon.”  out of the videos below, who do you think deserves the oscar?

and the nominees for best performance in a basketball dramedy are…

“delayed ball flop” starring mick pennisi

“exploding pick” starring omer asik

“phantom elbow” starring tony allen

“dueling flops” starring manu ginobili & james harden

and while we’re here, i’d like to give the basketball dramedy lifetime achievement award to paul pierce for moments like this:

if you can think of any other athletes (across sports) who deserve recognition/disgust for their acting chops, let me know in the comments.


and the nominees for best performance in a basketball dramedy are…

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That delay is epic :). It had to hurt though!



he talked a bit about how much it “hurt” here:



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