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i’ll let frida ghitis introduce this one (via cnn):

The fight against sexism has suddenly become all the rage among politicians. How curious. How timely. How suspiciously convenient.

If you have not heard the speech from Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the floor of the Australian House of Representatives , do yourself a favor. This is one for the ages…

We have heard the poll-tested, calculated claims by politicians around the globe. We hear it in presidential debates in the United States, where the election may depend on the support of female voters, and we’ve heard it in places like Pakistan, where politicians want to benefit from the outrage over the shooting of 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai after assassins tried to kill her for defending every girl’s right to an education. 

In Australia, the political battle revolved around a very unique, rather strange, set of circumstances. But Gillard’s words crystallized the source of the unease that hangs over so many people as they hear politicians courting them. How much can we believe what they say?

Much became clear after the speech in Canberra, when Gillard unloaded a sizzling rhetorical barrage on Tony Abbott, the leader of the opposition, who had presented a motion he claimed was motivated by his own support of women’s equality. Gillard would have none of it.

no, she would not.  instead, prime minister gillard delivered a point-by-point breakdown of the party leader’s hypocrisy that was public in viewing yet still very intimate in its attack.  it’s some of the strongest political ether you’ll ever hear (as the video goes on, you can really see abbott’s soul burn slow).

more than being entertained by the spectacle though (which kinda reminded me of this), i just loved her honesty.  much of politics today is a game played by our elected officials.  i get it.  still, the blatant attempts to use people/causes/tragedies as mere pawns in said game can be tiring so it’s refreshing when politicians are called out on it.

after you watch the video above, let me know what you think.  also, have you seen any other political posturing recently that deserves to be aired out in a similar fashion?


a must-see speech for men, women & political zombies

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