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66 drives

06/29/12 , , ,

as a part of its visual series “reframed,” framework sat down with photographer andrew bush to discuss his “66 drives” project.  in it, bush captures people at a moment that blends a sense of ultimate privacy in the most public of places: when you’re driving your car.  in his words:

The boundary between public and private space is the subject of many of my photo projects; photography is an especially good tool for examining this boundary.  I was really not so much interested in the car, which is why the entire car is not visible in these photos. The car is not so much a separate thing traveling through the world but the car, driver and landscape are inseparable.

he was able to get such great photos in part by matching the speeds of his subjects as they were driving.  look at some of his shots below (which serve as a nice time capsule since they go back almost 20 years) and more at his website.


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