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norah jones “miriam”

just heard norah jones’s new album little broken hearts.  her collabo with danger mouse was successful where she was pushed in different (but positive) directions while still maintaining the essence of what made her a grammy-winning artist.  she said that much of the album was inspired by a bad breakup, which you can really hear it on a song like “miriam.”  from her pain, she finds a morbid sense of peace in a killer’s lullaby.  if her ex was really creeping with a girl named miriam though…

update: norah talked about the song in an interview with complex (reporter in bold):

My favorite song on …Little Broken Hearts is “Miriam.” It’s about you confronting the woman that broke up your happy relationship before you kill her. What mindset were you in when you made that song?

I guess I was sort of thinking dark things. I came out of a breakup last year and I also came out of doing all these recordings and shows with The Little Willies, my country band. We’d cover [Dolly Parton’s] “Jolene.” She punches the girl instead of begging her. I love “Delia’s Gone,” the Johnny Cash song. It’s like a murder ballad. I don’t know. It kind of all came out of that. I loved “Jolene.” I’ve been singing it for 10 years. But I never really understood it until the last few years. I never quite sang them as well until now.

OK, is “Miriam” as real as “Jolene” was?

Yeah, she’s real to whoever relates to the song and puts a face on her. [Laughs]

Is there a Miriam in your life or someone you were wishing, fantasizing about when you were making this song?

Not really. I mean, yes and no. I would never fantasize about killing somebody.

We all do.

Yeah, everybody has that feeling. More like the drama of bringing that feeling to life. It’s a pretty fun song to write.

I’m sure.

I remember I came into the control room when I was recording it and asked, ”What do you think about that last line?” [Brian said] “I don’t know! Maybe you should change it.” [Laughs]

check out the lyrics below and get the full album on may 1st.


That’s such a pretty name

I’m gonna say it when

I make you cry


You know you done me wrong

I’m gonna smile when

You say goodbye

Now I’m not the jealous type

Never been the killing kind

But you know I know what you did

So don’t put up a fight


When you were having fun

In my big pretty house

Did you think twice?


Was it a game to you?

Was it a game to him?

Don’t tell me lies

I know he said it’s not your fault

But I don’t believe that’s true

I punished him from ear to ear

Now I’ve saved the best for you

And I tried not to hurt you

Cause you might not be that bad

But it takes a lot

to make me go this mad

Oh Miriam

That’s such a pretty name

And I’ll keep saying it

Until you die


You know you done me wrong

I’m gonna smile when

You say goodbye

You know you done me wrong

I’m gonna smile when

I take your life


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