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Humble enough to prepare, confident enough to perform.

tom coughlin, head coach of the soon-to-be super bowl champion new jersey giants


humility + confidence

02/04/12 , ,

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I agree. Giants 28- Patriots 21. They will not be able to contain the G-men Defense…they’re coming for you Brady!

yeah don’t know why anybody is favoring the pats. just hope that it’s a good game.



So pathetic that you tried to slip in that new jersey nonsense. It’s a NY team. Just be glad we’re helping jersey’s economy.

On another note, love the quote. Sums up what I was trying to explain to some friends about exams in law school.



haha i figured somebody would fuss about the jersey thing.

but yeah, it’s a great quote. captures a necessary balance for success.



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    […] up not just in his championship victory, but in his demeanor which exudes a much-needed combo of confidence, humility and peace that was absent in the […]

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