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even though technology advances at exponential rates, it still lags behind imagination.  bmw closes the gap a bit with its automated driving system.  as you’ll see in the video above, a 5 series bmw was able to safely navigate the autobahn without any human intervention.  some background on the system from bmw’s future lab:

To ensure that the automated research vehicle functions smoothly and with agility in real traffic, the car must be endowed with strategies to react appropriately in the daily traffic situations.  The basis for these strategies is comprised of two parts: first, pinpointing the position of the vehicle in its own lane is essential and second, the car must be able to clearly recognize all vehicles and objects in its nearest surroundings.  This is accomplished through the redundant fusion of various sensor technologies such as lidar, radar, ultra sound and video cameras that monitor the environment around the automobile.

two things come to mind with this:

1.)  humans ceding control of their vehicles to their vehicles.  sounds amazing in theory, but would you fully trust it?

2.)  considering the absurd number of terrible/reckless drivers on the road today, this has a great potential to make driving a much safer experience for everyone.


hands-free driving

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