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02/01/12 , ,

Millionaire status. It’s what I claim. By the time I am 30, I WILL be a millionaire! There is no reason why I shouldn’t be a millionaire by 30! 2012 is finally here and like so many others, “This is my year!” I am tired of sharing financial struggles with those I know, love and care for, whether literally or figuratively. I said enough is enough. Being “broke,” “living paycheck to paycheck,” “robbing Peter to pay Paul”…these are the ways of the foolish and the damned. Yet, I am Chosen and destined to be wealthy because I am already wealthy. I just have to manifest my wealth, because it’s already there. Just do right by it. Thus, Choose Wealth was born.

Choose Wealth is a financial goal-setting and asset development campaign presented by my company, CommuniTree LLC. As the President of CommuniTree LLC, I teach middle school students in Brooklyn and female youth (ages 8-17) in Harlem about money, budgeting, business entrepreneurship. I also counsel my clients once a month, between Los Angeles, New York, Baton Rouge and Cleveland, about money management practices, wealth and legacy building. Specifically, I help them establish and secure a financial foundation from which they can build. Clients receive a spending analysis, debt analysis, debt reduction strategy, emergency fund strategy and budget, on-going counseling, an insurance and retirement analysis and instructions to pull all three credit reports. They also have access to other financial protection services such as credit restoration, wills, trusts, power of attorneys and identity theft protection.  There is no sense in building wealth and not protecting it so there always has to be a strategy for protection.

Now you may wonder, “How is she going to become a millionaire by 30?” Well, I will share this with you: After being  self-employed for a few years, I understand that I need to become a business owner and business owners own systems or buy one. I am buying into a few systems, but am also developing one of my own, through CommuniTree LLC. Further, I intend to exploit every asset class available to me, from royalties (selling my content), interest (bonds), dividends (stocks & mutual funds), rental income (owning rental property) and owning a business. With multiple streams of income, savings and investments, I will become a millionaire. With my money working for me and me working less for it, I am confident that I will be pleased with my results, to say the least ;).

I am young, ambitious and eager to build my wealth and legacy, have my kids (although I need a man and marriage first!!!) and start the wealth cycle all over again. My awesomeness is only worthy if I can leave it for my great-great-great-grands and beyond. I want them to know my name. What about you? Will your great-great-great-grandkids know your name?

In my spare time, lol, I actually do “like long walks on the beach”…I’m a California girl! I lead a few organizations and sit on the boards of a few more. I volunteer throughout the year, teaching about money, doing motivational speaking, career days and school visits. I write for a few sites and do guest appearances on online and radio shows. Yes, a mogul in the making. I admit it ;). Learn more about the orgs that I am affiliated with here!

I am the oldest of three girls, no brothers, and am my father’s only child ;). Now, you may understand this drive and hunger for legacy and wealth. I am THE one to change my family’s history and legacy. I am THE one to be the example, be the tried and true so those who come after me, do better than me, be better than me and leave better than I did.

As I continue living and building my wealth as a solopreneur at the young tender age of 27, I am sure there will be many more experiences to deem “memorable” at the least. However, right now, I am totally happy to be my own boss, change financial lives one budget at a time and empower my communities along the way. Literacy and legacy are hallmarks of life and I want to help my clients achieve both.

Choose Wealth and reach me if you need me! I’d love to be a resource:
CommuniTree LLC
394 Broadway, 5th Floor
NY, NY 10013
1-347-746-TREE (8733)

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Dominique’ Reese is chic with a mission but to relax she likes to read, play volleyball, lay out at the beach (and play volleyball), cook and wine and dine, dance and watch reality tv and movies! She will be first generational wealth in her family and the leader of the “Millionaire by Thirty” club.

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