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kanye, mos def & lupe @ blue note jazz club

this past weekend, 3 of hip hop’s top lyricists hit the stage at the blue note jazz club in greenwich village.  backed by the robert glasper experiment, the three entertained the crowd with freestyles, classics and some unreleased music.  listen to 30 minutes of their performance below.

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this month, president obama proposed a 3.7 trillion dollar budget for 2011.  ny times breaks down it in a nifty infographic.  it not only gives an idea where the money will be spent, but it also highlights changes from last year’s budget.  check it out here.

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this is the type of the video you drop after a long hiatus.  it’s admittedly a little corny in spots, but it flows nicely with the song and with the context of the long-rumored/delayed detox album.  directed by allen hughes, one-half of the directing duo hughes brothers (menace II society, book of eli).

video: dr. dre “i need a doctor” f/ eminem & skylar grey


banksy does hollywood

02/24/11 1 Comment

in anticipation of the oscars this sunday, banksy hit los angeles with some of his trademark vandalism.  his movie exit through the gift shop, which explores the world of street art, is nominated for best documentary.  check out some of his art after the jump.




after all the failed decisions, sex scandals and crappy teams, things are finally looking sunnyside up for the knicks.  not guaranteed title contenders (yet), but definitely on rise.  espn writer michael wilbon seems to agree with me.  check out his take on the knicks’s prospects this year and the future.

Knicks forecast on the upswing now –

i just came across this short film by up and coming writer/director nikyatu jusu.  synopsis:

Prom nears and things seem to be spiraling out of control for the typically composed Isatu. In this coming of age story,West African tradition conflicts with American idealism and Isatu is forced to reassess her alliances.

ms. jusu recently won the shadow and act filmmakers challenge for her screenplay black swan theory. in addition, her short film say grace before drowning is available for free this month via hbo on demand.

african booty scratcher


could you beat watson?


going back further than the folk hero john henry, man has been engaged in a battle of supremacy with one of the fruits of its labors, the machine.  the latest episode of this war played out this week on jeopardy as the game show pitted two of its greatest champions, ken jennings and brad rutter, against ibm super computer watson.  as you can see above, it wasn’t much of a contest.  in this case, the machine’s victory wasn’t about the “new computer overlords” jennings jokingly referenced making humans obsolete.  instead, it’s a triumph for the men and women who spent years working on a technology that could have a significant impact on our society.

ibm and ny times have given you an opportunity to succeed where ken and brad failed with their watson trivia challenge.  click on the link below to take on the computer in a round of jeopardy and see how you stack up.

IBM’s Watson Trivia Challenge – NY Times

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another slick video from cee-lo’s lady killer album.  this “motion picture” has a cool storyline and solid attention to detail with appearances by the super fine kerry washington, janelle monae, common and a clean bmw that i hope is real.  the “2d jankyvision” used by director mikael columbo reminds me of one of my favorite michael jackson videos, leave me alone.

video: cee-lo “bodies”


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