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in honor of today’s nba season tipoff, here are the best inyoface dunks ever. i took into consideration:

  • dunker’s height plus level of skill & disrespect shown by dunker
  • victim’s height/caliber and level of embarrassment after play
  • reaction (dunker, victim, crowd, teammates, announcers, etc.)
  • moment (playoffs, rivals, etc.)

check out the videos below and make sure to click the titles for a close snapshot of each dunk.

12. lebron james on damon jones

bron shows his bully tendencies on this one, picking on the little guy in his home stadium. the normally talkative damon is left humbled like his girl just slapped him in front of his boys.

11. amare stoudamire on michael olowonkandi

on the strength of marbury’s sourpatch reaction and olowonkandi’s “man, i should’ve been a dentist” face.

10. dwyane wade on kendrick perkins

this is one of those plays that you swear is fake on nba 2k until you see somebody do it in real life.

9. john starks on michael jordan and horace grant

simply know as “the dunk” among knicks fans. starks gives it to his royal airness to seal a playoff win against the hated bulls. (aside: is that johnnie cochran at the :40 sec mark?)

8. baron davis on andrei kirilenko

this dunk by boom beard highlighted the warriors’ magical run through the 07 playoffs and had the bay going crazy. “put that on your flattop” – announcer.

7. shawn kemp on alton lister

before there was blake griffin, there was shawn kemp. a great dunk with an added bonus for pointing at lister while he was on the ground.

6. tracy mcgrady on shawn bradley

in one baseline drive, tmac embarrassed a dude who is almost a foot taller than him and stunned a road playoff crowd. he hams up the moment just enough while his additional great reactions from his teammates (note the dude who falls out of his seat as it happens) and the announcers.

5. kevin johnson on hakeem olajuwon

the current mayor of sacramento used to get busy out in phoenix. ask hakeem about him.

4. kobe bryant on dwight howard

i’ll let a traumatized d12 tell it: “kinda hurt my heart. it’s the first time i ever got dunked on it and it had to be kobe bryant. every time i see him come down the lane, i just get flashbacks and hopefully it won’t happen again.”

3. michael jordan on patrick ewing

mj is back on his more familiar end of a dunk. he demoralizes madison square garden by faking out 2 of the knicks’ best defenders and then dunking on their mvp.

2. scottie pippen on patrick ewing

pippen’s blatant disrespect sells this for me. he dunks on the 7ft ewing, pushes him down and then stands over him mean-muggin’. he got called for a technical foul, but the message sent made it worthwhile. this would’ve been my number #1 if it wasn’t for vince doing something amazing in the top spot.

1. vince carter 


over frederic weis


top 12 posterizing dunks of all-time

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