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nfl’s drug kingpin

12/15/11 , , ,

for chicago bears wide receiver sam hurd, football was just a side hustle.  with his arrest last night in chicago, he was outed as one of the top drug dealers in the country.  from yahoo sports:

According to the statement, the first face-to-face meeting between Hurd and the agent happened on December 14. It was then that Hurd said that “T.L.” was in charge of the majority of the deals, and that Hurd focused on the “high-end” deals. Hurd then asked the agent if Mexican cellular phones could be provided for future deals, as Hurd believed that “law enforcement did not have the capacity of ‘listening to’ Mexican telephones. Hurd then said that he was a member of the Chicago Bears, that his practice ended at 5:30 p.m., and that he could make arrangements to make payment for one kilogram of cocaine that the agent gave him upon completion of negotiations. When Hurd walked away with the coke, he was taken into custody.

hurd told the agent that he was moving 4 kilos of cocaine a week in chicago, but was looking to push it up to 5-10 kis in addition to 1,000 pounds of marijuana.  it’s rare enough to become a nfl player or a drug dealer on that level.  doing both is unheard of.  for more on the different implications of this story, check out the reports from the chicago sun-times and chicago tribune.  after the jump, check out a copy of the federal complaint filed against hurd earlier today in dallas.  it contains a 5-month timeline of events that led to last night’s arrest.

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Chicago Bears better test they players cuz I know Sam Hurd was dealing to them can you say dumbass



yeah he was an idiot. selling drugs is dicey (re: illegal) situation in general, but for him to take the risk in his financial position for no apparent reason is beyond stupid.



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