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the case of the heroic villain

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the scene reads like a bad steven seagal movie:

In Benton Township, Michigan, two armed robbers wearing masks burst into a near-deserted Walgreens at 4:30 a.m. To pharmacist Jeremy Hoven, it was a prescription for trouble. So he filled it with hot lead.

however, an interesting moral and legal dilemma has emerged out of this real-life drama.   just a few days after hoven thwarted the robbery, walgreens fired the local hero for violating its “non-escalation policy” and its ban on firearms. hoven later responded with a wrongful termination lawsuit.  check out this good morning america report for security footage from the day in question.

i’m siding with walgreens on this one.  i support and appreciate the hoven’s actions in the moment, but i can’t cosign him having a gun there in the first place.  his “i didn’t know that guns weren’t allowed at the pharmacy” defense is ridiculous (not a commonplace thing but if he still had any doubts, he should’ve asked management before bringing a loaded weapon on the premises).  for some good pr, walgreens could have toss him a healthy severance package reward for saving the day, but the man deserved to be fired.

what do you think?


What do you think?

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hmmm…a moral dilemma indeed. why would you bring a gun? i remember “ignorance of the law isn’t and excuse” or something like that. but on the other hand, would it have been better if he let the robbers get their loot? I wonder…this was a very interesting post, as i also am in the mood of posting stuff that would make people question their own views and standards. thank you so much for posting this, and i would definitely bookmark this for future reference and of course i’ll give proper attribution if i ever use it. thank you so much for posting!

in one of the articles i read, a cop said that he would’ve handled the robbery the same way as hoven. but yeah, a pharmacist having a gun there in the first place is pretty problematic. i would love to see how the actual lawsuit plays out.

and you’re welcome! do let me know if you end up using the post so i can check it out.



well there wouldn’t be a moral dilemma if it was a cop since they’re supposed to bring guns but a pharmacist? it surely is problematic. the fact that we agree about this makes me think that walgreens is more likely to win the case. i guess the person can use the media though and do a “trial by publicity” thing and destroy the public image of walgreens. anyways thank you so much for a very good post!

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