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08/30/11 , , ,

state fair, düsseldorf, germany

i was blog surfing earlier and caught a post on “panography.”  some background on it via

Photographer Mareen Fischinger invites you to see the world from her point of view. She takes hundreds of individual photographs of one subject all from the same perspective. Then, she creates semi-transparent layers that overlap onto themselves until they make a complete picture. She calls it panography.

“These are not panoramas in the normal sense,” Fischinger explains, “but more the result of a new kind of photography – one that captures the flow of time and the accompanying changes of scene on one surface.”

check out some of ms. fischinger’s work below (and more on her website).  make sure to click on the pieces for closer looks.  thanks to  デザイン弁当!

times square, new york, usa

hotel de ville, paris, france

arc de triomf, barcelona, spain

münstertherme, düsseldorf, germany
church of notre dame, paris, france 
königsalle, düsseldorf, germany


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Great images!!



yeah she did some really cool stuff.



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